Saturday, December 22, 2012

decorating his tree & his list...

I found this awesome fiber optic Christmas tree at a local thrift store {I'm addicted to shopping thrift} and HAD to have it! it was only 4$ and plugged it in at the store and it light up. Clean, no funky smells. It was THE tree for Caleb's room. Caleb decorated it, added ornaments and tinsel. I took him to hobby lobby and told him he could pick out a few ornaments for it and he picked golf balls and Gold balls. {My kiddo adores Golf because his grandma {my mom} plays weekly and he talks to her about it over the phone. He even has his own mini play golf set, games etc.}
Caleb came home with his Kindergarten "dear Santa" list and oh my was I OFF in what I "thought" he would like ha!! From Santa I had originally got him a shopping cart, play food and a register. His list asked for: trampoline, bean bag chair and a pretend camp fire! WOAH when did this kid grow up and realise what he wants LOL.
So, today I dedicated my time {instead of stamping} returning gifts and getting new ones. I got him EVERYTHING on his list, hes going to flip for that trampoline and already gave hubby heads up that Christmas eve he will be outdoors building it up! Lets hope no snow the night before, I keep hearing on the news its going to be a white Christmas.


  1. Love the little tree and the hand written Dear Santa letter.

    Good for you on finding all that he wanted.

    Hope the trampoline goes up without a hitch!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh I always wanted a trampoline!!! I can't wait to see the camp fire. I bet that's cool. His little tree is awesome. I bet his grandma likes how it turned out too. =0)
    Have the merriest of Christmases, Kelly!

  3. oh this is so adorable!! his letter to Santa was so very sweet. have a lovely Christmas, Kelly! :)



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