Saturday, November 24, 2012

our thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was a personal and small one, one that I have been wanting and yearning to do for years now. Typically every year we go to my MIL's for dinner and dessert and this year I wanted to do it all on my own with my little family! Lots of work preparing and baking all day, but totally worth the quiteness and less stress.  
Above pic: dinner table set, caleb and I went for a nature walk and collected twigs and branches to create a "thankful tree", which is a tree with tags hung from it with words and things that you are thankful for. Example: God, family, health etc. Our turkey cooked perfectly, 12 pounds and tons of left overs. My plate on right, was STUFFED! Ahh the way it should be on Thanksgiving...

Caleb was taking a break on his scooter on the way to a trail we walked down for the twigs
 Calebs dad got off of work early in the morning and built some legos with him before he headed off to bead, the end result was a huge under water sub. BEFORE I even started on the turkey and dinner foods I had to stamp out some of my Etsy shop orders, they are piling in high right now and having to work just about every day to keep up! Its blessing but also takes away what little free time I have. I did hire help first time ever, she started this week!! Excited! The football game came on after we watched the parade, not sure who even won? Football is def. NOT my thing.



  1. Your plate looks delish! It sounds like a great, quiet Thanksgiving, and the Thankful Tree sounds awesome. Love that underwater sub, by the way.

    I know you are absolutely swamped with orders, so congrats on hiring help. That's pretty exciting! You can use the help, I am sure, with all these holiday orders rushing in! You are still the one to do the stamping, though, right?


  2. Looks like a yummy holiday!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  3. Anonymous25.11.12

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love the thankful tree :D Cute pictures!

  4. Now following from the blog hop! Looks like it was a fun Thanksgiving! Come and check us out, looking forward to connecting!

  5. Nice looking turkey! Not too much on the football myself.


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