Monday, October 15, 2012

school spirit week

This week at Caleb's school its "spirit" week where you one week of school to celebrate your school/team. For todays thing was "crazy hair day" so I jumped at the chance for Caleb to be able to express himself and be different!! I bought a cheap bottle of Halloween hair spray and it turned out AMAZING, there were a few other kids that had some really cool hair dos as well. So fun and Caleb was all smiles for his Blue hair, loved it.

 Today's school theme, was "mismatch clothing" day. Now for those of you who don't know, I'm a lover of dressing my son and have been from the start. I adore shopping for Caleb, baby gap/gymboree/C8/Next etc. My hubby didn't think I could let Caleb out the door wearing this outfit and I did great! LOL. He loved it again, being different is a plus for him.
Today was the third day of spirit week and this was another one Caleb was excited for, ever since he started kindergarten he has been making little comments to other kids about their school shirts "Oh look out school shirt!" "Oh! Vista Peak", so during a teacher evaluation last week I went to the front and purchased Caleb a nice thread patch and ironed it to a shirt purchased at hobby lobby for 4$! Total of 8$ they were selling theirs for 15$. Caleb was proud to wear his school logo!
Our last day of dressing up!! This was one of my personal favorites, he was one of the only ones who dressed up for this!! He wore it all proudly, it was teachers dress like students and students dress like teachers.


  1. As long as he still learned something - that school spirit idea sounds a great thing to do! Enjoyable for all concerned - and I loved Caleb's enthusiastic participation! Bet you wished you could let your hair down too!

    1. aww I love that you said "Bet you wished you could let your hair down too!", you nailed it - - I would love to, but rarely do I ever ;)


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