Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pumpkin carving + HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Toothy Fellow
I seen this pumpkin carving set at Nicks Garden center while we got our pumpkin preservative solution and HAD to have it. Hes all teeth!! He looks really awesome lit up
Also wishing you all a Happy Halloween!!
 Stay safe tonight and have fun! We are starting at 5:30, right after dinner

Decided to combine a few posts! These were two separate times, we had 3 pumpkins to carve this year! This last one was hammer in lights, Caleb's personal favorite.


  1. Love it....I've been researching pumpkin savers, this looks alot safer than the ones I found online. Happy Halloween!

    1. thanks!! Yes it did great, 2+ weeks :)

  2. i love there is such a product as a pumpkin embalmer! i love the hammering of the lights too

  3. Pumpkin embalmer - coool! I didn't know that they had those. We just carved our pumpkins last night. Will we get to see your pumpkins lit up too, I hope? =0)

    I decided to do a little blog time before lunch, and you surprised me with a giveaway! yay!

    Happy Halloween,

  4. He is a scary Jack-O-Lantern!

    Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

  5. love the pumpkins just spooky enough to have some fun
    come see what I shared at


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