Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my [32nd] birthday

my 32nd birthday
was yesterday..I swore to a day to do nothing and turned out I was hardly home at all! I had so much running around to do, that finally now at 8:30 p.m. I have some quite time. I received a few phone calls, cards and messages on facebook today wishing me a happy birthday. Hubby surprised me with a tea pot, he knows I love my tea!! Its artisan made and suppose to keep my tea hot longer, cant wait to try this one out. Then my mom & dad, sent me cash for some new winter boots! Mil, some [needed] blue jeans and my son Caleb made me the cutest card. I also had a amazing ice cream cake from cold stone after a steak dinner and it was so yummy!! So another year that I am blessed that I am here for, hope to see many more.


  1. Well, a VERY Happy Late Birthday to you, Kelly! That teapot is beautiful. You'll have to tell us how it keeps the tea hot longer, but either way, it's gorgeous!
    I hope your day was filled with fun and love, and here's to many more birthdays to come!
    PS - Here's a bday song from my toddler's playlist that I thought might make you smile. =)

    1. Thank you!! :) It was a nice one, just so darn busy I'm taking a day off today to makeup for yesterdays hustle haha. Thank for the song!! My son loves that one

  2. What a wonderful birthday! I love your picture n the candles glow! Awesome!


    1. thank you so much, I couldnt agree more :)


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