Saturday, October 27, 2012

fall activities

fall activities
I found another fall gig here in town, this one was smaller but still fun. First time Caleb did a potato sack race and "pumpkin" bowling. We did other things like masks, ring toss, games, learned cpr and played on the playground


This last one was a personal favorite, it was around 15 feet of hanging metals that kids could bang sticks on to make music. Simple and cheap, to bad we live in the city or I would do this living in the country!



  1. Pumpkin bowling! So cool! And I'm totally with you on that last one shown. Any kiddo would have fun for DAYS making their own music with that assortment!

    1. I thought so too! That was a first :) The music WAS awesome just kinda loud and could only listen for 10 minutes or so and we moved on ha!


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