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Thursday, September 27, 2012

fleeting summer days

While I love Fall and the changing of the season, I will sadly miss Summer as its my favorite time of the year!! A ice cream truck came down our street yesterday and was the first time Caleb has ever ordered from one! We were sitting at the dinner table eating our Salmon and you could hear those 'jingle tunes' coming down the road. I think I got more excited then Caleb!! I was running around the house trying to scoop up the camera, my child and some change while hubby looks up from his dinner plate eye brows raised. Well you know we could have missed it all [which I don't think that is even possible?] We got dressed and ran out the door, mmm ice cream...Caleb wound up with a large layered cookie one



  1. I love this post!

    MY grandson and I were at the park this summer and the ice cream truck was across the creek. My grandson yelled "Hurry, he will leave!" I took off thru the creek and my grandson followed along. My DIL just smiled and shook her head. It took more than change to buy an ice cream though. I believe the cheapest thing was $2.50!


    1. Hi!
      I think its a natural instinct for all of us to run after it haha! Most deff. NOT a quarter to buy something it took us 3$ for the one we got, but was still fun and totally worth the exsperience.

  2. wow i havent seen a ice cream truck in years...memories!

    1. LOL I know right?! I remember them while visitingm y grandmother up north as a little girl and not so much here till then!


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