Tuesday, September 18, 2012

diy re purposing


One of the many things I seriously enjoy doing is finding older items and re purpose them into something new! I found a awesome chalkboard/dry erase board for 4.99$ at a local thrift store, it was dirty/old stickers on it, stained. etc.
Here's my simple diy re purposing post on what I did today, this works for almost any kind of item!!
1. find your item you want to re-do, clean it up so the paint will stick! I use magic erasers to get all the grime off
2. Tape off parts you don't want to get paint on, I used painters tape and a cut up trash bag to protect the surfaces.
3. find a place outside to paint it at, I use trash bags or old boxes to protect the ground and from kicking up dust onto the item I'm painting. Also I use spray paint in a can, for most of my projects!! Can I tell you they have some really neat and fun new spray paints [glitters, glow in the dark, chalkboard etc.]
4. Start spraying, don't get to close or the pain will run. I usually do the spraying in short spurts rather than holding it down and spraying continuously. I also do around 5-6 coats of paint, make sure you do it in warm weather or the paint wont dry as fast! Don't spray in cold/windy weather
5. Let it dry, I usually take it under the shade tree to dry and its there I can also see any spots that I have missed in the full sunlight. Sometimes shade helps you see those mistakes.
5. Pull off all the tape, I let the item fully dry outside for 24 hours before bringing in. Spray paint can have strong fumes for a little bit and always best to let it de-fume outdoors.
That's it! Simple, cost efficient and fun to see the end results.


  1. Looks great! I've also seen dry erase spray kits too in the store. You can fix just about everything now!

    1. I seen those and was thinking about it!! I wanted to cut costs in this one so skipped it, but one day I would love to do a entire wall that way

  2. This is AWESOME! And Caleb's new board matches his desk. =)
    from Blogging Buddies

    1. Thank you!! It does, Now it all flows together

  3. Wow! What a make over, it turned out great :)

    etsy forum: http://etsy.forum.net.bz/


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