Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Childrens Hospital Donation

I wanted to do a project donation that would involve my son, myself and my jewelry business. We donated to the Children's Hospital 10 hand stamped necklaces for the parents of some of the sicker kids, words of inspiration and a little pick me up for them. I told Caleb why we were doing and the reason behind gifting people you have never meet before. We got to take a tour of the hospital and handed over the necklaces with happiness. Caleb stamped the actual images [he did great btw] and then I added the words at the bottom! They turned out just perfect 


  1. thats awesome. Its awesome to see him get involved in it! They are cute to!

  2. Children's Hospitals are close to my heart. My youngest son had two surgeries at a Children's Hospital (part of the Miracle Network too). Your donation definitely made 10 families very happy, for sure. And - WAY TO GO, CALEB! Awesome job with the jewelry-making (you have an excellent teacher). Kelly, you are amazing.

    1. WOW! Thats simply amazing, I knew they do good things there. Hope your son has fast recoveries both times! I plan on doing another large dontation here for Christmas to a few places and still digging up some ideas


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