Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

 I knew this day would come, it seems like time passes by so much faster when it actually gets closer into view. My only son, my buddy who is next to my side no matter where I go had his first day of school. We have been preparing for that day, practicing and talking about what to exspect. I droped him off and walked him to the class door, he hugged me and told me "I'll miss you mom", waved and went in without looking back. It was hard, but I held tuff. Drove home, got home opened the door and heard the silence of the house. I could HEAR the clock ticking, which I have never got to exspirience. Its then I cried, the reality hit me. I picked Caleb up and he was so tired and dargging his feet, hes not use to all the excitement! It has since been a full + week since he has been going now and he loves it. We have a wonderful caring teacher and Caleb will ask on the weekends "Is it school yet?" and smile.

I found a really neat DIY printable kit on Pintrest for back to school signs for the kids to hold each year all the way up to 12 grade! Not sure how long I can get away with it, but for as long as he will let me ;) I found the frame at Hobby Lobby 50% 0ff. Totally cute! Heres the DIY link to the sign free-first-day-of-school-printables

I have tons more pictures, but trying not to post TOO many. I also have some lunch pictures for each day and a few more pics of Calebs second and third day of school. Will post more here soon, have a great day!



  1. Aww how sweet! My little girl will be heading to kindergarten next fall and I'm doing her pre-schooling at home, so I know how hard it will be to see her leave! It's so hard watching them grow up! Thanks for sharing!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  2. he looks so grown up. and don't worry, you'll get used to having the house to yourself soon enough.

  3. Congrats to you BOTH for making it through the first (and almost second) week of school! These pics are awesome, and the Pinterest ideas are great. Thanks for sharing this special day!


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