Thursday, August 30, 2012

diy bubbles

Such a easy and cost effective thing to make for your kiddos to enjoy! Homemade bubbles, makes quite a bit and you can keep filling up their jars/containers. Even more reason to save those old bubble wands after your done. 
This one is simple!!
I bought a cheap 2$ plastic pitcher to store it all in from Walmart. I used Ajax soap to keep costs down, HOWEVER nothing works like dawn = more bubbles! Use 4 cups water, 3/4" cup dawn, 6 tablespoons corn oil. Mix it all together and your good to have some bubble blowing fun


  1. Great idea! Looks super fun :-D

  2. We've tried some DIY bubbles and used different recipes. I think we've tried this one (with Dawn soap) and it was one of the better recipes. We also tried making our own bubble blowers...The huge kind. I'll have to blog about it next time we do it. Hint: Use yarn and long straw...


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