Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I recently diagnosed myself of something huge, I am either allergic to coffee or hazelnut creamer. Over the last half year, I spent over 2,000$ in doctors visits and testing. Which include colonoscopy, blood work, etc.. I have the worst tummy pains and bad bathroom habits. It worried me as it just hit me and I'm a fairly healthy person. So after so many visits and them not knowing what was wrong and all testing coming back normal, I noticed one morning after my cup of Joe that I got super sick and one side of my face started to go numb. Scary huh? So I cut out my coffee linking it to my sickness, guess what? Its been weeks and I'm back to normal, no tummy pain no sickness!!

Something in my beloved coffee was making me very ill. I now drink Tea every morning, I'm getting pretty serious into it and you know what I LOVE it more then coffee! Who would have thought?! Its actually FUN to make and so many health benefits, I wish I would have done this years ago.

 I use a pot to seep, I have tried tons of flavors and found a excellent online tea shop called persimmontreetea, their Green teas are hands down the best! They also sell a sugar specially made for teas that yum called 'rock sugar'. Agave nectar is also totally yum with the teas!

Which now brings me to today's photography challenge


photography challenge: day 8: a bad habit


s u g a r, is my weakness and one of my only bad habits. I pile it high, 2 teaspoons of rock sugar and 2 teaspoons of nectar....I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

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  1. Sugar is a big weakness of mine as well! I've had a sweet tooth since forever, and I don't think I could part with it.
    I'm not so much of a tea drinker, but every now and then I'll have some - and it IS good! I just heard about Agave nectar while my mom was here visiting, so I'll have to try it out. There's also a shop called teaman on Etsy - wonderful handblended teas that you can try. =)

    I'm glad you figured out it was something in coffee making you ill. Sorry you had to give it up, but at least there's tea. And you're feeling better now, so that's what matters most!



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