Saturday, July 14, 2012

live butterfly garden

My son is a total science type of kid, he loves everything about it. So I bought him this "live butterfly" package for him to enjoy and it wound up being one of the neatest things to to witness and make out of a project for the entire family to enjoy.

I bought the kit, you send a form for your live worms in the mail, they all arrived safely and very small. Over the week they get very large and then they hang upside down on the jar they are shipped in. After this you transport them to the pop up habitat, form there they form into cacoons and turn brown in color and smooth. Then they turn black and hatch from their shells! So neat to watch!!

We fed them sliced oranges and bought carnations and put drops of sugar water in them. We only kept them for 4-5 days and then this morning we let them go! Caleb was so tickled Pink and sad to see them go, here I thought this was for kids only to enjoy and I do believe I enjoyed it the most. Totally doing it again next year


  1. The third graders of our elementary school bought these kits last year and had fun with it! I had thought about buying a set, but we haven't yet.


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