Monday, July 2, 2012

Caleb lost his first tooth!

My sweet boy lost his first tooth!!  It has been loose for over a month now and the new tooth had already grown in almost all the way behind it, so I took him in to the dentist and they pulled it!

I had purchased this cute little handmade personalized tooth pillow on Etsy, that Caleb put his tooth in for the tooth fairy. She left him 5$ and a golden coin, can you believe it?! I had woke up that morning at 5:30 a.m. to Caleb running through the house squealing "mommy mommy, she came!" TOTALLY worth it all and priceless.


  1. The cutest pictures ever! I love his little tooth fairy pillow, too. My daughter is 4 and already counting down to her first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

    -Tiffany from Etsy Tots

  2. I've seen those pillows on Etsy and thought they were too cute! $5, what a lucky guy!
    Tell him Congrats on losing that first tooth! =)


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