Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Of The Gods

One of the places we all went to while my mother & brother flew in to visit, first time going and it was amazing! Such beautiful structures and organic smells, its called Garden Of the Gods here in CO in the mountains. We did some exploring, visted the main center and had a picnic lunch.


  1. Looks amazing country to explore! Wish you'd send us some of your sun though. It seems to be missing the UK all together this year and we're all going to be Vit D deficient if we're not careful.

  2. Oh wow! Absolutely breathtaking! I've never been to CO, but maybe sometime I will (one of lifetime goals is a cross-country road trip!), and I'll have to remember the Garden of the Gods. Lovely photos. It looks like you all had a terrific time. =)
    from Blogging Buddies


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