Monday, December 31, 2012

Mens Personalized Necklace - Guitar Pick {GIVEAWAY}

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I'm gifting a FREE rustic men's copper personalized hand stamped guitar pick necklace, to one lucky winner!!
For the musically inclined, this pick comes from my Etsy shop!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the year CLOSEOUT SALE

Every year I go through and pull out tons of items and add new, its something I swear by doing as a shop owner and a policy of mine. This has GREAT benefits for you as a buyer!! There is a special shop section that is labeled "CLOSEOUT SALE" go take a peek and see if you find something you like, its all 40% off in there! As if thats not enough of a steal, you also get
FREE SHIPPING on these items! This is for both non-personalized and personalized items, little bit of both! Enjoy and have fun. Sale will run for 2 weeks, starts today
pictured are some of the items that are currently on sale, more in my shop!

Friday, December 28, 2012

ice skating

Can you believe we did three large activities all in one day? I must be nutts... So after the candy cane festivale we headed out to do some shopping at baby gap and gymboree, topped off with some
 ice skating.
First time for Caleb and second time for me {ever.} It always LOOKS easier than it is, it took us a good hour to make it around the area three times. We were BOTH holding on for dear life, as little 6 and 7 year olds went wizzing past us, ha! We loved it.
{We caught it just in time, a winter storm was headed our way!}


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turkey noodle soup

Or...chicken noodle soup. Seriously we have done both and they equally owned it, this is the BEST noodle soup I have ever had and I have had lots of noodled soups. Usually the day after thanksgiving I typically will hand make some noodles out of dough and let them dry etc. and make it all from scratch BUT this year I wanted shortcut and oh my so glad I did because now this is our new go to. We have since done it with chicken and its amazing as well. I need to do this again next week while its snowy here.
this one can be found HERE

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 I have a serious love for owls, they are such a harmonious superior bird! I had the chance a few weeks ago to hold the smallest cutest owl at a Halloween gig that Caleb and I went to. I seriously FELL IN LOVE with this owl. I gew up, with mym other loving them as well. We had owl pictures in the dinning area and owl trinkets all over. NOW that I am older, I can totally see why my mother adored these little critters. I created a pinterest board deicated to them, please feel free to follow me as I post more! Here are some of my favoites, enjoy!
All sources/artists can be found on my pintrest board

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Christmas

It happened to fast, every year and for some reason specially this year {prob. because I have been way busy in my shop} it all BLEW by.
It could have stayed just a little longer.
We started our morning off with Caleb's grandma giving us a wake up call at 7:30 a.m. this morning, we were all still snoozing from last night Christmas eve event at hubby's moms place. So I woke Caleb up and we opened our gifts, he did great {as always} Above pictured was from all families to him and keep in mind this little man is a one and only for me and my moms side {hes special}
I got one really neat handmade thing marked off my list from hubby, he gave me a hand crafted wooden recipe card box with the cards {from Etsy}! ADORE it and started adding them in randomly today. From my mom one of things she got me was a apple corer/peeler another genius invention!
Hubby had to assemble his two Christmas gifts, a new computer desk and a new computer chair. They are super nice and was highly needed.

 One of my favorite gifts this year, came from my brother Gary in NM, he knows I love my tea and ordered a "12 days of Christmas" gift tin set from Teavana! I went through and smelled each one so unique in each smell and some are down right mouth watering. Cant WAIT to try these tomorrow morning!

Monday, December 24, 2012

candy cane festival

Caleb and I went to a candy cane festival that was held here in Denver. It was at a "Hammond's candy" factory, they had tours/games/arts and crafts/rides etc. Super packed with people, but also super fun for us both. We both got painted faces, Caleb's was a Red snake and mine was a reindeer. We had a yummy pizza lunch and some candies for dessert. Caleb also got to make his own large candy cookie, a star sand ornament, played games and took pictures with Santa,
they had props for the photo booth!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

decorating his tree & his list...

I found this awesome fiber optic Christmas tree at a local thrift store {I'm addicted to shopping thrift} and HAD to have it! it was only 4$ and plugged it in at the store and it light up. Clean, no funky smells. It was THE tree for Caleb's room. Caleb decorated it, added ornaments and tinsel. I took him to hobby lobby and told him he could pick out a few ornaments for it and he picked golf balls and Gold balls. {My kiddo adores Golf because his grandma {my mom} plays weekly and he talks to her about it over the phone. He even has his own mini play golf set, games etc.}
Caleb came home with his Kindergarten "dear Santa" list and oh my was I OFF in what I "thought" he would like ha!! From Santa I had originally got him a shopping cart, play food and a register. His list asked for: trampoline, bean bag chair and a pretend camp fire! WOAH when did this kid grow up and realise what he wants LOL.
So, today I dedicated my time {instead of stamping} returning gifts and getting new ones. I got him EVERYTHING on his list, hes going to flip for that trampoline and already gave hubby heads up that Christmas eve he will be outdoors building it up! Lets hope no snow the night before, I keep hearing on the news its going to be a white Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2012

botanical lights

One of the top to do for December, is attend to the Denver botanical garden. For their annual lights, they are gorgeous and tons of them. We got our fill and some hot coa coa to keep our body's warm, it was a pretty cold night {no snow}. Caleb's dad got to go on this one, most times hes working or sleeping getting ready to work {he works crazy shifts}. So something for all of us to log away in our memories, till next year..