Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh my legos...

Our Ebay Purchase came in today! Over 10 POUNDS of legos and this isnt it, we are still waiting for: pirate set, tires, large 32" base plate and trees/flowers - Still needing some windshields, then d o n e
Im excited this is one thing in the family we all like to do and can do together. On another note WALMART  had 80% toys today and I happened to walk in when they were marking down. Grabbed the bbq grill pictured for under 15$ and a set of 8 DC comic figher heros for 3$ all + some other small things


  1. Legos are fun, but miss one and step on it...OUCH! LOL

    Have fun!


  2. What fun!! I'm glad Legos are still in style. :D


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