Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Etsy Handmade

Every chance I get I love to promote other makers and artist, specially on Etsy. There are literally so many beautiful hand crafted ideas there, I feel in love with so many this year. I would like to share some of my favorite finds with you all and hopefully inspire you too buy handmade instead of big box stores. I am a artist myself on Etsy (HammeredHeartDesigns) and I appreciate every single sale that goes through, its a sale that helps support my little family and to further grow my dream and vision.

amber bracelet

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mothers Day GIVEAWAY

For 8 years now I have been hosting giveaways on my blog for special events and Mothers Day is one of my personal favorites. I am lucky to be mom of one and I enjoy every second of it! Today I am giving away a sterling silver Mama Bear necklace with two birthstones of choice (as seen above). Chain is a standard 18" and also sterling silver. Quality materials and hand stamped by me! Enter to win, giveaway is open to all US citizens. Runs for 7 days, winner will be chosen based on Rafflecopter system. More points you earn the better chance at winning! Still not sure what to buy mom for Mother's day? I offer tons of beautiful personalized custom necklaces in my shop Hammered Heart Designs. These make amazing gifts because they are custom made with names and dates, made with exceptional materials that are made to last. Each tiny letter is a separate hit of a hammer and a letter set, no engraving. Give a gift with true meaning this year. I included a list of my top five Mother's Day Best sellers for some great inspirational ideas!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What's in my teens Easter basket? Amazon Finds

Welcome too..What's in my teen boys basket post, via online shopping through Amazon Prime. Where I avoided the stores and bought everything online. It worked and I found some pretty cool stuff, looking for some ideas for your tween/teen boy? Here is our basket lineup, cost was under 35$

1. The Titans Curse, a graphic novel. So my son really doesn't care to read books, he would rather game. I'm sure it comes with his age? I love to read and encourage him to do so often but he just won't. However...He WILL with this graphic series. Maybe comics in general? I bought ours from a used Amazon dealer to save money.

2. Universe Necklace, there a ton of different styles to pick from for under $3. My son loves science and outer-space so this was perfect

3. Lindt Gold Bunny Dark Chocolate, these are actually all sold out on Amazon at the moment.

4. Black Basket, Wanted something modern and younger adult looking so he can use in his room to store things after. Its small but perfect to hold little things, gone are the days of large Easter baskets filled with toys!

5. Black Basket Filler, had to match the basket! It came with quite a bit so there's plenty leftover for years to come. 

6. Wall Key Holder, we are going to use it to organize my sons necklaces. He has several and they usually wind up on top of a dresser or bookcase, so now they can be hung on the wall for easy access. 

7. Digital watch, I actually got this for $3 on a Facebook Amazon Deal group with a code, other wise I would not have purchased it full price. Looks cute, I tested it. What is this "deal site I'm speaking of"? Join and see for yourself here, have gotten some really good deals here and saves money. 

8. Purple Peeps, I actually grabbed these on the way out from the grocery store with my essential items last week. (So almost everything on this list was from Amazon)

9. Bundle Fidgets, my son loves fidgets of any kind, he will mess with them for hours. Something to keep his hands busy.  I opened them all to scatter in his basket and they are really cool, so I'm sure they will be a hit!

Hope you found some ideas if your looking for them, Amazon prime members get 2 days free shipping. However with this virus going around it did take a few additional days, so plan accordingly if using them for Easter gift ideas. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

5 ways to help cope with anxiety & stress

I don't know about you, but I am personally really needing this post. I wanted to research ways to let go of all this stress I have been carrying. I personally do a few specific things in my home to help cope with anxiety and specially now with so much un-certainty with this COVID-19 virus going around I thought a blog post on ways to help deal with was much needed and over due. I hope you can find something here to help ease you a little, also know that there are local mental health agencies and counselors out there that can help during this time if your feeling really over whelmed. We have to take care of our mental health through all of this. I follow on Facebook my city's health department and mental health department and some good links and resources are given that way for coping strategies. Also a Google search or Pinterest search on "ways to cope with stress" can help with tons of other ideas, that I may not have mentioned here. I wanted to choose a few that I use daily and know that work and share today, stay safe!

1. Take a hot bath. This is my #1. If you have a bath, use it. Something about hot water, bath salts and bubbles that literally takes away most of my anxiety and you feel fantastic afterwards. Bonus if you can add lavender bath salts or oils to your water. Found a article on what taking relaxing baths can do for you here

2. Lavender.  I use Doterra oil Lavender essential oil, a pure oil that is sourced from a trusted company for all my oily needs. Over the years I have tried so many types of oils and quickly learned lavender is my main go to that works insanely good for my anxiety!! I use it before bed, before a exam, before work etc. I use lavender oil directly on on my temples and wrist, mixed with a part oil carrier mix. I have created "roller ball" bottles that hold the perfect hand held amount to use simply by rolling on my skin. This is mixed with a Doterra carrier oil and 6 drops of essential lavender oil. You can find the roller ball bottles here on amazon, I like amber colored bottles because light doesn't penetrate it as easily and extends the shelf life of the oils. I am not a Doterra representative, just a customer who loves their products and can testify they work and worth a try! If you don't have oils to use, no worries I would look for bath salts infused with it, natural essential oil candles with it infused, dresser sachets, pillow sprays. If you grow your own lavender, then simply picking some and placing in a jar near your bed is wonderful.

3. Go Outside. Another one that I swear it works, get outside and get in touch with nature. Fresh air, sub on your skin lifts the spirits and calms the mind. Find a place that speak to your soul, I love sitting near the lake and collecting beach glass with my son. We also just sit and listen to the sounds of the waves. We also like to trail walk, being outdoors and hearing birds and all the sounds of nature calms us both.

4. Have a centering object. When your feeling anxious have something to center those feelings onto, like: a necklace with a pendant, a pocket coin, a worry stone, a teddy bear. Something you can physically touch or hold.  I carry a heart shaped lake rock I found 3 years ago and keep it in my pocket for big events, if you see me with my hand in my pocket chances are I'm rubbing that stone. I also carry a large smooth button in my pocket. I actually make pocket coins in my shop, if this is something your looking for or sounds like you would want. Take a look here

Passion Flower, pretty cool huh?  photo credit

5. Supplements. This is something I need to explore more! There are so many natural ways to help calm anxiety. I currently take a Physician prescribed anxiety medication, however it has a short life and by mid day its already left my system. So finding something to help ease me into my night time routine and have a good nights rest would be wonderful. I did some research and found these to be top recommended by most sites, for anxiety: Omega-3, Valerian, Passion Flower, GABA are just a few to name. I love that I can look up my options on Amazon and read the reviews before making my decision on what I'm going to add. Some supplements can interact with medications or have side effects, so you may want to consult with a doctor first before trying anything new.

So I hope that this article was useful in any aspect and give you some new alternatives and ideas to try, so may of my friends family and myself are all experiencing greater levels of anxiety just trying to process what is happening during this outbreak. What are some ways that you cope with anxiety and stress? Maybe we can help each other out. 

Healthy thinking may not be enough to help some people who have worry and anxiety. Call your doctor or therapist if you think you need more help.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Hand Stamped Bracelet Giveaway

I hope you all are staying safe, grounded and healthy during these times. I have been brainstorming some ideas, to spread a little cheer and encouragement. I came up with some positive quotes and inspirational words to wear on handmade jewelry stacking bracelets. I hand stamped these by hand, one is made of brass and the other is made of aluminum silver. One lucky winner will receive BOTH, as a layering set. The idea is, I would love to see these go to a "essential" worker, someone who has been working during the COVID-19 virus on the front lines. I have so much respect for those still working and wanted to do something for them. Words of "stay positive" "keep going", on them to wear and have as a reminder when needed. I truly thank you.

 If you know someone, or you yourself are a essential worker during this time then please enter to win!! Easy entry via Rafflecopter, you can also find these affordable bracelet, in my Etsy shop Hammered Heart Designs. Giveaway is open to all USA residents, I will contact you if you win via email. I give 24 hours for a response back and then moves to a new winner if none. Have a great day and stay safe.

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