Wednesday, April 25, 2018

my idea of “the perfect day”

Perfect, is pretty much impossible to obtain.
However my version of a perfect day happens in small motions in my life, It's just all pieced together here in one short story.

My idea of the perfect day.
Would start with plenty of sunshine, no rainy clouds no long winter. Just pure sunlight to warm my skin. Every morning I wake up and open all the blinds and curtains, to let the light in. It does something for me spiritually. It wakes me up and makes me feel alive.

This day would happen during a school vacation, so my son could help this perfect day come to life.
We go out for breakfast and have pancakes somewhere, you know the kind with a super goofy smiley face made out of cool-whip and berries? We eat till we are stuffed and leave a large tip for the waiter. This part of the morning we decide to take a ride down to the beach, when you catch it early on certain days in the Summer the fog is just breath taking here in Michigan. There is a certain calm on the waters, it's been one of the most peaceful experiences I have encountered. We would go here and just sit together and hunt for cool rocks in shapes of hearts and colorful pieces of beach glass.

So my mother would need to make it into my perfect day, she is not only my mother but also a friend when I need someone to just listen. She is also a amazing grandmother to my son and he adores his grandma. After the beach we meet up with my mom and decide to go shopping and catch a movie that we all have been wanting to see. Afterwards we stop at a local ice cream shop and each have a double stacked ice cream cone. I eat a peanut butter combo.

The day is passing and in a good way, it's not one of these days that just fly by. Time is almost like its not moving at all really, we are getting to enjoy and savor every memory that is being made.

We decide to go out and eat at one of my favorite local eateries, they have the best chunky soups and cookies. Our dinner table has flickering candles, nothing fancy but just the right amount of home. Our table has a beautiful boutique of flowers. They are all Purple Lilac's, these are my favorite flowers. The aroma is just perfect. We finish our dinners and leave. But not home.

It's dark and its a beautiful warm night, maybe Summer? Here in Michigan we get fireflies, it's the most beautiful sight watching them. We find a area on the side of road where its pushed against the lush forest and pull our car over. We get out and sit on the trunk of my car and just watch them and appreciate the moment. We stay here for hours, passing the time.

Caleb and I head home, we get ready for bed and both grab our favorite books and
curl up and read next to one another. My son and I swap lines from each others books, they are comical books and the sound of my sons laughter fills my ears...

I'm sleepy....
Loosing track of time......
In my dreams, it replays over & over again..

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

10 Things I can't live without

We all have those "things" that we really don't know what we would do without, we use them every day and without them we would be lost! I wanted to share with you my top 10 things I can't live without list. Let's get started, shall we?

1. My Computer.
Seriously I do everything from my PC,  it's used for work, blogging, photography editing, personal life, games, research for my son & so much more. I'm on it every. single. day. My son likes to give me a hard time about the amount of time I spend on it, so I have to remind & explain that working from home means just that. Well, sometimes.

2. Netflix, there I said it.
Let's face it cable TV packs a heavy price tag these days, with up to 150$ a month for just basic TV. I got rid of the cable years ago, decided to try it again and then ditched it one last final time. I don't miss it at all. Save your money, Netflix has everything you need and its only 8$ a month.
3. My Son.
This was obviously going to be on my list, my son is my entire universe. He brings so much to the table, I have gained a new perspective on life having him.
4. Coffee. Oh yea. Seriously can not function without a few cups, every morning. This is my juice / mojo to get my motivated & creatively thinking in the mornings.
5. Our cat, Leo. He is 6 months old and has brought so much joy to our lives. He's the perfect combination of sweet & sour.
6. My Family & Friends, my family has been such a huge support system for me. Being a single mom isn't easy and sometimes it truly does take a village!! I am grateful for everyone that has made a positive difference in our lives.
7. Gardening, it's a form of relaxation for me. Not only does it relax me to work in a garden and have my hands in the dirt, but it provides beautiful healthy food at a very low cost. My son and I have been gardening for years, we love the time we spend together bonding over the gardens.

8. Essential Oils, Natural Remedies. I swear by some of these oils, lavender is my favorite and you get quick results. I am a firm believer in natural healing.

9. My Calendar, I have several in my home. Some days there are 2-3 events happening in one day, I check my calendar daily. Without it I would be a hot mess.

10. Photography. It runs in my blood. Every generation in my family, has a camera in hand.  It's capturing memories, as they are happening. I would be lost without my camera.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mothers Day Giveaway + a SALE you don't want to miss

Mothers Day is fast approaching!  Don't forget to get something memorable for that special mom/grandma in your life. I opened a new shop on Etsy called ClassicandCultured. You can find personalized gifts for mom, that are stylish and super affordable. I am also running a sale now till Mothers Day! 20% off the entire store. Take a look around and hopefully you find some beautiful options. These are all hand stamped with a hammer and letter set, made by me. I am a single mother myself and this is a job for me, every order makes a direct impact into our lives :) I treasure every custom that comes through.

Today's giveaway is for a personalized initial tree necklace, winner get to choose the metal type from: Silver, Gold & Rose Gold. Winner get's to pick initial on the leaves. Up to 4 leaves. This is the perfect Mothers Day gift and you have a chance here to win it for FREE! Score. 

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

20 things you probably don’t know about me

20 things you probably don’t know about me.

Hey this could be fun, a perfect way to get to know me the person behind Little Things Every Day Blog.   Let’s get started, shall we?  I love reading these types of posts, so I hope you enjoy learning some new things about me! Let’s get started..

1. I am a single mother, of one pretty amazing boy named Caleb.
2. I went to college for 3 years, studying to be a teacher. I feel shy one year and dropped out, soon after I started my small business. Now, years late I am looking to finish up college and gain that degree.
3. I was born in Michigan, raised in Texas and lived in Colorado for 11 years. Now I recently moved back to my birth state of MI.
4. Photography is a strong love and it runs in my family. All our family gatherings everyone has a camera in hand at all times. It's quite funny.
5. I started my own small business in the jewelry field 8 years ago and it for all those years it served as a full time job for me. It was hard work, but so rewarding.
6. Books & mineral stones are the only things I really "Collect", I'm not big on collecting things.
7. I try to live with a minimalism mind frame, less is better. No clutter // to fog my mind. I have a hard time holding onto things, I am always donating items. 
8. Gardening is something I came into 4 years ago & now it's a must for our family. Its like a type of therapy for me, so relaxing. My son benefits from learning about all the foods and herbs we plant & the best part we save money.
9. Speaking of saving money...I never buy us new clothing. Everything we own is found from thrift stores, for a fraction of the price. We are talking name brands, with tags still on. I am a very thrifty person. My sons shoes are the only new clothing purchases I make.
10. I was diagnosed with Graves disease when I was 25, I had two doses of radio active iodine to kill my thyroid. I then went from being hyper thyroid to hypo. It took years of pills & testing, but now my levels are stable and holding. 
11. I have a brother, who lives in NM
12. Leo is our new rescue kitty cat. I'll make another post so you can meet him, at a later time.
13. Rock hounding is a new hobby I picked up over the summer, it's a thing! Being that we live so close to the lakes I find tons of amazing fossils.
14. I am single, did I mention that? How about, I haven't gone on a "date" in 5 years....
15. I was substitute teacher for a year in Texas, I love kids and working with them.
16. I'm afraid of the dark & sleep with nightlights on. 
17. My mother is my best friend, I am lucky to live 2 miles down the road from her. We were living apart for 11+ years and recently this year I moved near her & my father. 
18. Flowers bring me much joy, receiving, picking, plating & just taking photographs. 
19. I own 4 birds {yes a cat too}, two parakeets & two finches. 
20. I listen to artists that have not yet been discovered, away from the main stream of music.

I hope you learned something neat about me today, what is one thing about you that you think no one else knows? 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Etsy Favorites

It's April & where most of the US has Spring, here in Michigan we are still getting snow. Everything is still dead/brown and very cold. Why not lift the spirits and celebrate that it WILL come, just later then most. I love Etsy, the handmade website that i have been with for over 8+ years now. They have so many amazing artist and I wanted to feature some of my favorites from there + some Spring pretties. Enjoy.