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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Belle Isle: Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

Belle Isle.
Another new destination for us, since we have moved to our new State.
My favorite part of Belle Isle? Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. What's there? Uhm, literally one of my favorite hobbies in life. Plants. Yep. Thousands of different species that simply took my breathe away in awe of LIFE and creation. Seriously there is something about plants that makes my heart and soul so grounded and happy. It runs in my family for generations. We are plant people, so this place was like a slice of heaven literally on a rainy day. Who cares, there's plants! The architecture alone if just amazing, all these glass panels and open light. The smell of damp soil is kinda my thing. Makes a girl happy, well at least this one.

I love that my son came along to indulge me and my musings.
Yea he's a super trooper and the coolest kid I know.

That's right be curious. <3 p="">
MY FAVORITE part of this place, the cactus!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019


Fathers day, is fast approaching this weekend and I wanted to provide a amazing hand curated list of gift ideas like I did for Mother's day. All these amazing items featured, were hand picked from Etsy's handmade site. It's here that I have a seasoned 8 year old shop for hand stamped personalized jewelry and gifts as well! Please go check it out, as I specialize in so many options for Father's day. My shop can be found here.

Do you have any plans for Father's day? What will you be gifting the dad?

1. WoodArtDay, docking station, $20.31
A place for everything. Tech. Fantastic inspiration for organization!

2. AllyCatTeesmommy and me shirt $36.99
In celebration of the new dad, this one brought a smile to me.

3. SanTanLeather, leather bag, $34.99
Rustic, large and perfect for storing his essentials. Best part, it can be custom made with his initials.

4. HammeredHeartDesigns golf ball marker, $22
For the golfer, but not just any golfer... BUT a Star Wars golfer. Ha! Love it.

5. AVANTwatchespersonalized wooden watch $114.32
For someone who may have a little more funds to spend on dad, this one is amazing.
Handmade from wood, with option to personalize.

6. WallThingsCopersonalized cutting board $25
Custom, with your text of choice wooden cutting board. For the chef/grill master.

7. BearCreekWreathCo, father of a wildling tumblers $30
Game of thrones inspired cup to go!!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Hamster Cage Makeover

I grew up having hamsters, at all times of my childhood and my son had the experience of owning one as well. They are the easiest pets to care for and if held daily they can be quite friendly as well. It's been years since we last owned one, so we posted on Facebook looking for a hamster breeder. We were hoping this way we would find a super friendly one that was use to human interaction since birth. We instead adopted one off of Facebook His name is Dorito. Fitting for his coloring, my son named him.

I wanted to originally give him more space, every website suggest more space for hamsters then a 10 gallon tank. However after hours of searching for the right thing I did not want to pay 60-80$ for a nice cage with all the features. I also seen suggestions of making a home out of a tub for them as well. But do to space reasons, we decided to keep the 10 gallon. It's OK to have a 10 gallon for your hammy, just make sure he/she gets out everyday for exploring and ball time. We have this small animals pop-up play pen here and it allows the critter to free roam a larger space. We add in tunnels and other hamster toys to this space, so that he gets out of the small tank. We also own one of these Hamster balls here, that we let the hamster roam the entire house with as well.

So we received a 10 gallon fish tank with the hamster and a small wire wheel and a food dish and water bottle. Later we found out the wheel was cutting into his front forehead and causing him too loose fur. I went through three wheels before I found the right one!! I tried so man and either they were to noisy or to large for his environment. I purchased a all natural wood wheel, that reviews said was totally silent. It really is, we are so happy no more noise! . Our wooden wheel I purchased from Amazon here in size M. 

When we first adopted Dorito he was living in a sport water bottle, which is OK, but we wanted something cute and functional. I found a adorable pot at Hobby Lobby that was deep and wide enough and fit perfectly under his riser ledge. It's super easy to get him in and out of it. 

I wanted a light all natural theme for the look of the cage, so I changed his bedding from the bright confetti colors to Aspen Pine bedding. I find the pine bedding works just as well as far as smells and it cost a fraction of the price of other bedding. It is very affordable! Just be sure to only get Aspen as other shavings can cause issues for your hammy. Do your re-search. 

{Dorito enjoying his sand bath, we buy reptile sand which is safe for hamsters}

The last edition was the riser. This one my mom helped me create with her wood cutting tools, we cut a top base from wood, sanded it all down smooth. Then drilled 4 holes for the leg pegs to go through and glued it all together. We measured out the platform to fit our 10 gallon tank and it worked perfectly! We also added a ladder ramp so he could easily get to the top.  I usually add fresh vegetables on top, in a cute bowl to inspire him to the top of the platform. Or his sand bath {as seen in the pictures}. He loves his new home make over and it didn't cost a lot of money, I think he's happier in his new surroundings and most importantly when hes running all night in his wheel we can no longer hear him.

How do you have your cage decorated for your hamster?

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tips For Staying Energized for the Busy Mom's

Let's face it, being a mom is exhausting. For me personally: Working full time, owning my own small business on the side, doctors appointments, extra curricular activities, school functions, sicknesses, making full meals, house chores, grocery shopping, garden keeping, mowing the lawn, home repairs {I'm a single mom on top if it so I get ALL the duties}. Us mom's do it all. Thankfully there are a few things I incorporate in my lifestyle that I believe help me power through every single day and I wanted to share those with you. It's funny because I get this ALOT. "Kelly, I wish I had your energy" "Kelly how do you do it all?" Here we go:

1. Sleep
This one is KEY for me, I am one of those people who need a full 8 hours of sleep. Having a set schedule M-F with the same time to turn off the lights. As tempting as it is to stay up late, my lights go off at 9:00 p.m. on weekdays. Something I have found that helps in aiding a decent nights sleep is meditation before bed, reading a book and turning off electronics, a hot bath and CBD oil helps me relax and slow down my mind and prepares me for a good nights rest.

2. Eating the right foods.
What you put in your body FUELS the body, so if you filling it with sugars, candies and crap you will burn out. I try and make sure for my breakfast every morning I eat some type of fruit followed by a protein bar etc. Then for lunch I tend to eat salads, with all kinds of veggies this helps fuel my body in a positive way. Don't get me wrong I don't eat health all the time and often I fail, but I try and put a effort into the foods I buy and consume. I do try to stay clear of foods that won't naturally boost my energy levels. Plus if you eat healthy, that means your kiddos get those benefits as well.

3. Coffee.
Yep I said it. I'm sure some of you have a found a healthier way to gain caffeine in your lives. BUT for me I would literally kelt over and die without it. Yep I said it. I need a few cups of Joe in the morning to assist in a jump kick to my day. Other wise I have a really hard time functioning and communicating and doing all the things.

4. Exercise // staying active
Yea I don't exercise. But staying active I do. I am constantly on the move, at work, at home. Little do I actually sit and binge watch Netflix {well yea depends on the show I guess}. I am always in movement like: working in my yard, mowing the grass, working the garden, going on trail walks with family, bike riding, doing some type of adventure with my son...

5. Essential Oils.
Yes I am a oily person and believe in the power of what some of these oils can provide. I wear oils almost every single day of my life. What kind? Doesn't matter, just make sure it is PURE. I use Doterra. Using oils such as Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange all have benefits of naturally boosting your energy levels. I actually wear my oils around my neck with a oil necklace diffuser that I make and sell in my Etsy shop here, super affordable and I wear mine weekly. Find one for you here.

6. Listen to uplifting tunes
Music makes all the difference and set a tone and mode wherever you are, I'm lucky to work in a place that plays amazing music and it helps with my energy levels. Same for when I'm cleaning house etc. playing music can boost how your feeling inside. Not saying to play some thrashed heavy metal music to get motivated {however that's ok too} but something with a upbeat and steadiness to it works for me. Nothing emotional, sad, deep. I'll save those thoughts for a rainy day.

I hope some of these tips helped in some small or large way for you, these 5 things help me on a day to basis. What do you mamas find that help you power through the day?

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Etsy Handmade // Mother's Day Gift Guide

As you all know I have been part of the Etsy community for 9+ years now and there are truly so many amazing artist there that create these beautiful things from scratch, that every year I pull my favorites for a Mother's Day gift guide. This is such a special time of year for all the hard working mothers, grandmothers and those that step up and in the be one. I honor you. Enjoy. Hopefully you find something amazing.

1. loveCOLORAY ROSE QUARTZ nursery Wallpaper, $260
This nursery wallpaper is what dreams are made of, soft pastel tones that will add such a soft loving touch to any nursery. 

2. BellsandWhistles18 Lava Stone Essential Oil Car Diffuser$9.20
Now you can diffuse your favorite oils in style, while on the go. Cute Lava stone beads hung on chain, so it slides over your mirror. Different colors to match your style + the price is super affordable!

3. bexcandles relax candle lavender & rosemary$18
This candle says it all for us mom's. Relax. Made with one of my all time favorite herbs lavender and rosemary. Also love that the candle is clear with botanical flowers as the focal point. 

4. HannahMadden Spring Flowers Lantern, $28.69
Beautiful Spring themed latern, with a soft pastel glow. Hand screen printed! What a beautiful way to add a touch of feminine to your space. 

5. 3CEtching Mama Bear Engraved Tumbler, $24.95
For the protector. Super cute design, simple and modern. Great for on the go!

6. BronsCeramics Ceramic flowers, $29.12
Small delicate flowers handmade from clay! Love them grouped together. So many possible ways you could gift these.

7. ZoeGibbonsStudio Botanical Flower Press, $38.70
I admit, this one is on my personal wish list. I have always wanted to learn how to press flowers and this kit makes it super simple and easy to learn. Plus it has a option to personalize.

8. ArtworkByAngie Happy Mother's Day card, $5.20
One of the cutest handmade cards I spotted on Etsy, printed with botanical illustrations.
 Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to order as the company is based over seas! 

9. CreateGiftLove Personalised Photo Keyring, $34.70
Something to jazz up and pretty the key sets, personalized with your own kiddos photos. Option to further your customization with choices of leather colors and text on front.

10. HammeredHeartDesigns Family Trees Personalized Bracelet, $80
You know this list would not be complete without one of my very own Etsy shop editions. I have many Mother's Day styles to choose from. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains and more! All personalized and custom made with mom in mind. This bracelet is forged from brass metal and then hand stamped with your names of choices. Perfect for mom or grandma. 

11. HomeGnomeStore, Scandinavian Gnome, $18
Super cute for the dreamer,magical and mythical mom lover. Super cute pastel colors and soft tones. 

What are you planning to gift your Mom this year?