Tuesday, December 3, 2019

DIY: Gnome Ornaments

It's been a few years since I made a hand made Christmas Ornament, so I wanted to find the perfect one. One of this years Christmas trends is Christmas Gnomes. I adore gnomes, so this was just perfect. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, from rufflesandrainboots blog post. I followed her directions, which I will also post below. They turned out amazing!! I took some after pictures as well as the materials that it took. Enjoy.

Materials needed:

wood slices, fur fabric {Mongolian is beautiful but I wanted White to match my decor}, craft felt {again I used Grey to match my living space}, a nose {I bought a bag of wooden circles}, hot glue, twine, scissors, razor blade.

{I strongly encourage you to go and watch her video, I'm a visual person and it helps to watch her do it as you do. I did not take any pictures in this part because, I needed my hands}
1. Gather the ends of your twine or ribbon and tie them in a knot.
2. Using a razor blade, cut the faux fur around the wood slice so that there is just a small bit of overlap. Do not cut through the fur-only the backing. I cut through a few times, this part can be a bit tricky and messy. Don't be discouraged.
3.  Hot glue the beard to the wood slice, add the mustache on top and glue the nose on top of that.
4. to make a hat, wrap a piece of felt around the wood slice , allowing a small bit of over lap. Fold in half & cut off the access. Trim to a rounded triangle and open the felt piece.
5. Glue the bottom of the hat together, to secure the cone
6. Hot glue the twine holder at the top of the cone and then secure the entire cone with glue.
7. Slide the hat over the wood slice, positioning it to scrunch on the nose. Hot glue to the nose and secure the rest of that hat to the wood.
8. Add any other decorations to it as you like, then your done!

These are just perfect to make for yourself, or to gift to someone. I kept all but one for myself :)

Friday, November 29, 2019

Gift guide for younger teen boys

I wanted to create a gift guide for younger teen boys, for anyone out there needing a little inspiration. This list is built entirely off of my sons Amazon wish list.  My son is 13 and is a tech kid. He has a strong love for computers, science and electronics. So kinda basing this guide off of what I know he likes, but I think any of these suggestions below would be freaking amaze balls to receive!

If you have a teen boy, what are giving them this year for Christmas?

Gaming headphone stand, lights up at the bottom + wireless charging for cell phones. 

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, this one is cool because the case charges them

Chrome Dumbbells, time to build some muscle!

Gaming Chair, tons of really cool colors to pick from. My sons favorite is Purple. 

fidget cube, too keep their hands and minds busy

fishing pole, for the kid who enjoys fishing

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, one of my sons favorite series. He's enjoying the graphic novels the most. 

Adidas Fragrance, something light and not too heavy, trusting the reviews

boomerang, already bought this one, super affordable

Bean Bag, to lounge in when reading

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Personalized Bracelet Giveaway

Directly from my Etsy shop Hammered Heart Designs. I am gifting not one winner but two separate winners for one of my hand stamped personalized bracelet!! Winner gets too personalized one bracelet.  I love this time of year and want to get my name out there much as possible while blessing others! If you win on of these amazing cuffs, you get too choose your metal colors: Blush / Silver or Gold. You also get to pick out what you would like it to say. Custom to you and for you, for free. How do you enter? Simply go through the list of things to do on Rafflecopter below. It will walk you through all the actions, each thing you complete is more points to enter you to win it. Some you can come back and do daily for more points. Actions such as: Like my Facebook page, write a blog comment etc. Super easy and worth the chance to win a bracelet, remember I'm picking 2 winners! 

These bracelets are 100% handmade by me, each letter is a separate blow of the hammer and a letter steel alphabet set. I stamp them, bend them and finish them. They are very affordable, only 23$ a bracelet, with free shipping. I am also running a Black Friday sale starting today, Monday all the way through to Saturday. This giveaway is open to USA only at this time, winners will be emailed, winners have 24 hours to respond to email and then if no response a new winner will be picked. Good luck my friends!

Don't want to wait? Need these in your life now? Find them on sale here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Survive the holiday on a budget

Because....some years we are barely making it, things happen. People loose jobs, cut backs happen, un-expected bills/medical, car breaks down. I get it. Things happen and sometimes they happen right near the holidays. Here are some tips, that I have learned along the way on how to survive the holidays on a budget.

1. Hand make gifts! This is my number one suggestion to you. It's super cheap to gather whatever supplies you need to hand make a gift for someone and a lot of times you can batch prep more then one gift at a time from those supplies. So gather what you need and then make several gifts at one time from it. My favorite place to get inspirational ideas for homemade gifts is Pinterest, simply search for "Handmade Gifts" and you will literally see thousands of tutorials on gifts you can make and most times you have half the stuff you need laying around the house. This way it keeps costs super low and I personally LOVE to receive handmade gifts. Knowing that someone took the time to make them, makes them that much better.

A few of my top Favorite handmade ideas from Pinterest.

 Herbal Bath Milk, DIY here

Candles, save money by purchasing a used dish at Salvation Army. 

Room sprays, DIY here

2. Deals & Coupons, I am part of a Facebook group called Deals & Codes Junkies, it's a group that gives you codes, sales and glitches all from Amazon. So if you have Prime, this is the way to save some big time money. I buy items all year long from this site, you can get 50-70% items easy! Just watch their posts daily, my most recent finds from there are: Lotus wall tapestry 4.99, Christmas gnome figurine 3.00, Warm knitted hat 4.00$ - All free shipping. Also wanted to include Target into the deals & coupons area, I just purchased a toy from there for 50% and it was full price. If you download the Target App and sign up for Circle {free} you get a insider peak and coupons sent to you via text message. Then if you have a Target card you get a additional 5% off. There are a ton of things on sale now, this can save and help.

These are a few CURRENT deals on the site I mentioned above, gift ideas for cheap. You have to join the FB group for the codes to use at Amazon checkout. Costs nothing to join and get the deals. 

3.  Do things together, instead of buying gifts. The simple act of spending time together and making memories is a wonderful way of celebrating the holidays together. You don't need money to make memories, or if at best spend just a little and have a blast! You could make crafts together, have a movie night and rent some Blockbuster .99 cent Christmas classics, take a walk in a favorite park in the Winter, Buy a ticket to ice skate {this is typically under 8.00$}, take kids to a outdoor play park, make some homemade hot cocoa. 

4. Bake. Make Holiday fudges, cookies and treats. These make AMAZING gifts and it costs little for the supplies. Plus, a little goes a long way when baking. 

5. Make a list + set a budget.  Then stick to it. I do this every single year, it helps me keep on track with each person and to make sure I don't over spend. 

super cute shopping list free printable here

Friday, October 25, 2019

List Of Gardening Chores To Complete Before Winter

These are my hastas, I have around four different varieties in back.

This cold can really sneak up on you, specially living in a Winter state. Here is Michigan temps have been in the low 50's, yesterday we had some sunlight so I decided it was time to prep the garden beds and yard for Winter. I wanted to share with you all, some Gardening 'chores' that I complete every year about this time.

I am a gardener, since about 6 years ago. I built my very own raised garden beds last year and will be adding in a additional two to the other side of home for next Spring. I love growing vegetables in these raised garden beds, such as: bell peppers, lettuces, radish, dill, thyme, cucumbers, peanuts, carrots, green beans etc. Additional to vegetables, I also grow flowers like: Lilies, morning glories, sunflowers, lilacs, wildflowers, hostas and zennias.

With fall being in full swing here in MI, cleanup will continue to happen for the next 2 weeks at least. Our home is backed against a wooded area and the leaves that are dumped into our yard are unreal!! First year I am considering a leaf mulcher to help cut yard cleanup time. I curated a simple easy list to help as a reminder or inspiration if needed.

You can see a Green lawn only because I'm mowing over all these leaves.

#1. Rake those leaves. Leaving leaves on your grass is bad news, specially if you care for your lawn. The leaves will kill your grass if left out. I rake and mow over all the leaves in my yard, by next week we will be knee deep in them. Its hard work, but I rid the lawn of them as well as the flower beds. You can however keep some leaves to use into your 'core' of your raised garden beds. I do this every year.

Rake up leaves...However I leave some to cover my herbs every year, kinda serves as a cover for them. I cut my herbs and lavender way back and then leave the leaves to cover the tops.

#2. Start pulling up your dead garden vegetables that did not make it through the first frost, or anything that you know won't make it through the Winter and continued cold. For me this day I pulled everything but my lettuces, one variety didn't seem to mind the two frosts we have already had so I left it to grow a little bigger before I completely pull. You can either keep what you pull and add it to a composer {if you have one} or if you don't have one just toss in the woods or in a Lowes/Home Depot leaf bag. Or you can chop it all up and add it back into your beads for nutrients. Totally up to you. 

#3 Have proper ways to dispose of all the dead flowers and vegetable plants. I buy these every year its what I prefer for pickup on Wednesday from a company that comes and just collects organic materials. You can buy these paper bags at any home improvement store. I also bought a shoot that slides into the bag so it doesn't collapse when adding things into it. I also go around my yard when cleaning and gather fallen tree branches and limbs and add those to the bags as well.

#4 unhook water hoses. I drained mine and tossed them away this year, I kept getting stubborn kinks in mine all Summer. Drove me nuts. They only last a few years before they start kinking every few feet. I'm on a mission to find a good hose that doesn't kind, is there such a thing? If so please drop a comment and recommend one! One other thing I wanted to add, I also cover the spout area with those Styrofoam covers. 

My oregano is on its third year of coming back!

#5. Trim back all your perennials. What is a perennial? Its the plants that will come back year after year. By cutting them back your lower your chances with diseases and pest. As well as protecting them from the cold and sparks a healthy new growth every Spring. 

#6. Clean out and organize the shed. Mine is a mess right now and on my list of this weekends projects I need to get done. There are leaves blown in it, 1 billion cobwebs and creepy crawly things. I like to empty it all out, knock down the webs, sweep it and organize the tools before closing it up for Winter. That way come Spring when I open those doors for the first time. It's clean, with that comes a great since or accomplishment

This is what mole tunnels look like, its raised dirt

#7. Take care of pests. Particularly for me this time of year its ground moles. I battle them pretty heavy every time this year they tunnel like crazy because food is becoming less of a source for them. Now is the time to get them under control before they get out of hand. Also a good time to seal up any holes/openings around your home that little field mice may try and get into to find warmth. I had to seal up under all my sinks last Winter because they were finding a way in. The colder it gets the more likely critters will try and seek warmth near your home. Some of these critters and carry disease and we don't want that near us. 

That's a pretty good list of things to accomplish before it gets to cold out, I have mine about 80% finished. You don't have to tackle it all in one weekend, break it up so its not so much work at one time. I hope this helps. Happy gardening.